Browsers accessible by telnet

An up-to-date list of these is available on the Web as and should be regarded as an authoritative list.
A telnettable browser provided by the W3 coalition.
Offers Lynx, a full screen browser which requires a vt100 terminal. Log in as www. Does not allow users to "go" to arbitrary URLs, so GET YOUR OWN COPY of Lynx and install it on your system if your administrator has not done so already. Lynx is the best plain-text browser, so move mountains if necessary to get your own copy of Lynx!
(or telnet Log in as www. A full-screen browser in New Jersey Institute of Technology. USA.
A dual-language Hebrew/English database, with links to the rest of the world. The line mode browser, plus extra features. Log in as www. Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel.
(or telnet Log in as www. Offers several browsers, including Lynx.
Hungary. Has slow link, use from nearby. Login is as www.

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