MS Windows, IBM OS/2 and MS Windows NT Servers

HTTPS (Windows NT)
HTTPS is a server for Windows NT systems, both Intel and Alpha -- based. It is available via anonymous FTP from in the directory pub/https (URL is (Be sure to download the version appropriate to your processor.) You can read a detailed announcement at the FTP site, or by using the URL

A professional version is also available (URL is ).

goserve for OS/2
goserve (URL is <URL:> ) is a one-piece World Wide Web and Gopher for OS/2. Designed for ease of installation.
zbserver is a shareware server for Windows which supports both http and gopher access (URL is <URL:> ).
From Process Software Corporation. For Windows NT. Based on the EMWAC source code, with enhancements (URL is <URL:> ).
Windows httpd
The Windows httpd (URL is <URL:> ) has most of the features of the Unix version, including scripts (which generate pages on the fly based on user input). Scripts can be implemented in Visual BASIC; they can also be implemented in Perl or any other language available for MSDOS. CGI DOS programs can be conveniently debugged using the CGI-DOS Perl library (URL is <URL:> ).
A simple, effective server for Windows writtten by Gustavo Estrella. Available by anonymous ftp from (or one of its mirror sites, such as, as the file, in the directory /pub/pc/win3/winsock.

There is also a Windows NT version of SerWeb, available by anonymous FTP from as /pub/serweb/

Chameleon Web Personal Server
Included with the Chameleon TCP/IP software from Netmanage, Inc. Comments, anyone?
Another Windows-based server, available by anonymous FTP from as /pub/net/winsock/
An OS/2 server, written by Frankie Fan. See the home page (URL is ) for details, or fetch the package by anonymous FTP from in the directory pub/kf/kfan.
Netscape's Netsite Servers
Netscape Communications Corporation offers two server products, high-end Netscape Commerce Server (capable of secure transactions) and the less expensive Netscape Communications Server. Both products feature a more efficient replacement for CGI (common gateway interface) programming and are designed to be more efficient than traditional free-of-charge servers such as the NCSA and CERN http demons.
Alibaba is Computer Software Manufaktur's NT-based web server, which takes advantage of multithreading for best performance: <URL:>
WebSite (URL is <URL:> ) is a Windows NT-based web server available from O'Reilly. WebSite offers a graphical, user-friendly front end to the server for easy file manipulation, and includes software to track down broken links. WebSite also runs under Windows 95.
Compuserve Internet Office Web Server
Compuserve's Internet division (formerly Spry) offers the Internet Office Web Server, available for both Unix and Windows NT. The standard edition can be tried out for free. The professional edition includes editing tools and supports S-HTTP security and SQL database connectivity.
FolkWeb WWW Server
FolkWeb is a Windows NT and 95 web server which takes advantage of threads and offers friendly GUI-based configuration. <URL:>

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