I can't get SLIP or PPP. I want web access. Is there a way?

YES! If you have a plain old Unix shell account on a Unix system, such as a SunOS or Ultrix system, there are two ways around the problem:
GUI Browsers that Talk to Unix
Microsoft Windows users can run SlipKnot or ICOMM, special browsers which operate using programs that may already be installed on your shell account (covered in detail in the MS Windows browsers section).
SLIP/PPP Emulators
Anyone with dialup access to a Unix shell account can use The Internet Adapter (TIA) or SLiRP, two programs which provide a pseudo-SLIP connection.

SLiRP is free. TIA is not free, but there is a free two-week trial period and it is inexpensive.

You can learn more about TIA at <URL:http://marketplace.com/tia/tiahome.html>.

More information on SLiRP is available at <URL:http://blitzen.canberra.edu.au/~danjo/>.

If you have a Macintosh, check out the Macintosh TIA Users' FAQ, <URL:http://seds.lpl.arizona.edu/billa/tia/faq.html>, for additional help.

"So what do I run on my machine at home?"

Exactly the same software you would use for real SLIP; as far as your PC is concerned, it is a SLIP connection. If you're unfamiliar with SLIP please check out a newsgroup relevant to your particular type of machine (Windows, Mac, or even Unix-based).

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